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And just when I think I’ve seen it all for one night in one location, something odd whizzes past my feet…it’s just a paraplegic on a skateboard banging a can full of change on the floor, though, a standard sight on Khao San Road.The occasional ‘married with 2-children’, middle-class family, stopping in Bangkok en-route to Koh Samui will have some explaining to do to the little-ones.I dry myself frantically because the window of opportunity between being fresh from the shower and the first wave of sweat is minimal…almost non-existent.I’m lucky to get my new Chang T-Shirt (it is customary to buy one) on swiftly and dryly, then head back down onto the noisy streets of Khao San Road to do some people-watching and, let’s face it, get shit-drunk.I joke that we should each get football-related tattoos, for me this would be an Aston Villa (lulz) badge on my ankle, but it’s not good to joke about these things here; they soon become a reality.Tattoo businesses are prevalent in Bangkok and even more so on Khao San Road, and a major source of income is lobster-like sunburned Brits; you can get your bell-end pierced here whether you’ve drunk 15 bottles of Chang or not, just so long as you have the cash up front.

We soon separate (probably for the best), and I stagger down Khao San Road in a fashion that only a true British tourist can.I regroup with Matt and Joe, who are giggling at the T-Shirts for sale in one of a multitude of markets.One T-shirt depicts a , though I think most people can figure that one out for themselves.Later on I find my French friend in a bar at the top of the road with some German acquaintances.We decide to watch the football; I think England and Spain are playing…but it could be anyone.

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