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You must ensure that your husband is part of the solution, helping you discover your confidence, sense of self and fragile desire.The happy news is that most women report that the menopause is only a small blip on their erotic journey, ‘rather like running through nettles to get to the green field’, says one 60-year-old friend.All of which restored my friend’s sexual confidence and within a year she was dating a man 15 years younger and having the time of her life.Back in Blighty, most women shuffle off to see their GPs and, like you, often don’t get offered too much beyond HRT and antidepressants.His actual seduction of the vulnerable, seemingly-slutty and surprisingly virginal Angela, when he opened her blouse and removed her pants, was aborted when she confessed: "This is my first time... It was about a sex-obsessed, awkward, coming-of-age high school senior named Jim Levenstein (Jason Biggs).In the opening scene, he masturbated himself with a long athletic sock while watching scrambled porn on pay-TV, but was caught by his parents. " Its most notorious scene was the one of horny Jim Levenstein humping the family's fresh-baked hot apple pie on the kitchen counter (viewed from behind, his bare buttocks thrust into the pie) and being caught by his father Noah (Eugene Levy) (Dad: "Jim?!Meanwhile, HRT is known to increase certain health risks, such as heart disease, blood clots and breast cancer, if used over a long period of time, although it’s thought to be safe if you take the hormones for only five years or less.Having said that, the treatment doesn’t suit some women and many seek alternatives.

It’s clear to me that British women should fight to get referrals to gynaecologists and the full range of bolstering treatments.Clearly, the one other element essential to restoring your love life is close, loving communication with your husband.You say he’s become remote, which is hardly surprising if you have been struggling with depression.Bored, frustrated, rebellious, feeling "sedated" and intolerant of life as it was, Lester was brought back to life by his lustful fantasizing over seductive, teenaged blonde nymphet cheerleader Angela (Mena Suvari), his daughter Jane's sexpot friend and a wannabe model. The extremely 'guilty pleasure' film about losing one's virginity on prom night (coming up in three weeks) for four seniors took three rounds of censorship cuts to satisfy an R-rating.When the Lolita-esque female opened her team jacket during a basketball game to reveal her breasts, in his fantasy mind she let loose a cascade of red rose petals. The film was available in a theatrical R-rated version and in an "Unrated version" - The Version You Couldn't See in Theatres - for the home video and DVD markets with additional footage -- a burgeoning marketing trend.

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