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Add a Row Header Cell and a Text Box Cell named "Name" to the Multi Row controls template.Add the event handle of this event and copy the following code into the event handler. End Try Return 0 End Function What are the very best suggestions regarding this issue? Message & vb Critical) 'Catch exception/s that might occurr anytime by any reason into a simplified message box followed by a critical sign within.If I understand you right, you have found a work-around for you case.However, I would still like to investigate the issue further.

When the form loads the Row Validating automatically fires because I have a function that Selects the table from the Database and it fills the Data Set by then attaching it to the datasourse of the "dgv Tarifa" table. Auto Size Columns Mode = Data Grid View Auto Size Columns Mode. Or how can I stop jumping to this event before the function has been processed to the end? Is there any other event I can use instead of the above mentioned. You then put an If statement in your dgv event to see if it's still loading or done. "b Loading") and set it to true when you start Select Tariff and false when you are done.

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