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Realizing they'd lose their jobs, the Indian workers returned to work, and Stevedores then laid off the recently hired Burmese workers.

The Burmese workers blamed Indian workers for their loss of jobs, and a riot broke out.

He also banned Eid al-Adha and Qurbani, regarding killing animals in the name of religion as a cruel custom.

In the 17th century, Indian Muslims residing in Arakan were massacred, providing harmful and actual persecution.

Looting, the burning religious books, acts of sacrilege, and vandalizing Muslim-owned establishments were also common.The first Muslim documented in Burmese history (recorded in Hmannan Yazawin or Glass Palace Chronicle) was Byat Wi during the reign of Mon, a Thaton King, circa 1050 AD.In 1559 AD, after conquering Pegu (present-day Bago), Bayinnaung banned Islamic ritual slaughter, thereby prohibiting Muslims from consuming halal meals of goats and chicken.While a few continued to serve, most Muslims were excluded from positions in the government and army.Muslims have lived in Myanmar (also known as Burma) since the 11th century AD.

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In 1930, anti-Indian riots were sparked by a labour issue at the Yangon port.

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