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An 11-year-old undergoes fire treatment to lose weight.A boy living with tissue paper skin and a man with a hole in his face search for cures. A holiday shopping romp becomes a headache when a couple is exposed and lands on the naughty list; College co-eds sneak away from a family holiday party and end up in the ER; after a quickie, a couple thinks a Christmas miracle is on the way."Dangerous," even "life-threatening," come much closer. Each half-hour episode features two adults who resort to extreme compulsions in an effort to soothe their emotional demon Doctors recount the most memorable cases they’ve ever encountered.Unusual, touching, humorous or life-changing – no story is too big or too small when it comes to the ER.And, a college freshman plagued by debilitating cramps is unable to hold her food down. A man seeks to repair his face after being mauled by a tiger.

Every case is a new mystery & gives viewers a rare inside perspective as the doctors treat patients on the spot.Linda Smith experiences strange symptoms, including blackouts, after she hits puberty.Brenda and Jake are thrilled when Brenda gives birth to their first child, a baby girl, Isabel, who is diagnosed with jaundice.Follow the incredible true stories of people struggling with baffling and life-threatening illnesses – and the brilliant doctors who diagnose them. But in some instances, love and sex can lead people 'round to the swinging doors of the emergency room, with medical mishaps that are bizarre, potentially risky and very, very funny.In this compelling dramatic series, Sin City ER reveals the gritty real-life medical dramas that unfold behind Las Vegas’ glitzy façade at one of the most unique ERs in America: University Medical Center in Las Vegas.

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"How to Get Away with Murder" co-stars, Liza Weil and Charlie Weber, are dating.

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