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Even if you don’t follow trends, don’t overlook this essential and versatile jewelry accessory.

A blazer is the perfect backdrop for a striking brooch – on the lapel, if your jacket has one, or on the shoulder.

For more color, add a handbag or shoes in the same hue as the beads.

If you wear earrings, go with clear crystal beads instead of trying to match the beads.

Here are six examples of how to elevate a jeans, tee-shirt, and blazer ensemble from ordinary to extraordinary. Here are two Art Deco necklaces that will add colorful contrast to this uniform.

With this, he tries to reorient and deconstruct the modern West’s conception of an alienated, disembodied self — including the persistent myth that humans are ‘against’ or ‘above’ nature — and shows a holistic self, living ‘within’ nature and the greater cosmos.

For Watts, the task of aligning with nature and our genuine self requires a basic awareness of “nothingness.” By fearing void and nothingness, or the “cosmic background,” Watts thinks we’re playing a broken game of “white-versus-black,” when the greater picture is one of “white-and-black.” Form cannot exist without nothingness; foreground is inseparable from background.

You could add subtle stud earrings (gold or citrine for the Coro piece; faux or real diamonds for the Carnegie). Through her blog, social media, and private coaching sessions, she helps women create their unique, personal styles by accessorizing contemporary fashion with vintage costume jewelry.

So, if you’ve been wondering how to transform a casual outfit into a chic new look, try some vintage costume jewelry.

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Vintage costume jewelry adds variety to your wardrobe and refreshes your existing clothing inventory.

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