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Maybe I would've had better luck on the West Coast, who knows, but I haven't lived there.

But the fact remains that white Canadian women always sneered at me and never gave me the time of day.

I found that in both cities where there were sizable numbers of Asian and White people, you saw plenty of White males with Asian females but you never saw it the other way around.I know this will be offensive but a lot of Indian men I have known who were new to the US did not behave normally around women who were White and as a result women of Canada hated you for it. I heard they were more focused on culture and less on race. I was paying for the actions of other men of my race.What's unfair is that if a white guy is being a jerk, it doesn't impact the dateability of another, unrelated white guy.It unfortunately made me very distrustful and cynical of white women, because so many of them deny that they're racist and yet have no problem telling me insulting, racist stuff like "why don't you date a nice Indian girl"?I did end up marrying a white woman, but she isn't from North America.

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Thank you for offering your experience, I know it was tough to do in front of a harsh crowd on C-D that will tell you to stick to your own race.

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