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Is there anything more fun than a crocheted viking beard hat?! Get your viking on with this free pattern and slay some dragons! This crocheted hat pattern requires a medium skill level, but the rewards are well worth the work you will put into it. However, she sent her mother glowing reports of success and even went so far as to fake videos to convince mom she was doing well!The bottom line is that Janice is indeed a flake--a very BIG flake.Perhaps it's because the film is a small independent film without the usual Hollywood budget and trappings--I know a lot of people have a prejudice towards these style films.Regardless, it's very unfortunate because it was a great film--with amazing writing, direction and acting. Cover the beard form completely leaving the upper lip for last.

See full summary » I have a hard time understanding why the overall IMDb rating for this film is so low.

Unfortunately, at the same time she has no idea that an evil corporate spy is stealing from the company and has set her up to take the fall!

Now along with this unusual plot, there are lots of funny moments and the character of Janice is so cute you are really pulling for her to, despite it all, succeed.

Unfortunately, now that she is in her 20s, she continues to live in a fantasy world--almost like Walter Mitty (but her fantasies are not nearly THAT grand).

When Janice leaves Scotland for a job in England, she is a total failure and loses job after job.

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It just goes to prove that you don't need a big budget in order to make a marvelous film. Janice's mother is a depressed agoraphobic who hasn't left her home since just after Janice was born.

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