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Fans of Ja Rule and Ashanti have something to get excited about this November.With dozens of unforgettable hits between the two of them (including several exceptional collaborations), they’re now teaming up for one memorable night of music at the Special Events Center at Fantasy Springs Resort Casino on November 17, 2017.Born Jeffrey Atkins on February 29, 1976, in Queens, New York, Ja Rule established himself with Venni Vetti Vecci (1999), a hardcore debut album similar in style to the rugged thug rap then popularized by DMX and the Ruff Ryder collective.On his second album, Rule (2000), he began collaborating with female R&B singers, and a string of radio-friendly hits resulted ("Between Me and You," "Put It on Me," "I Cry").

’ I was high on like three ecstasy pills so I’m floating and angry. Lo and she said “I’m Real” ain’t about Puffy,’ and I was like ‘What? Y’all women have a unique skill of knowing that this is the man that you want, but maybe he’s not the man you want him to be right now. So when someone bails and you like, yo, I’m probably the illest n***a in ya life next to your dad. “When I was writing that song, I was picturing it as Ashanti and Ja Rule.Eliza’s Ashanti, Hamilton’s Ja Rule.” Miranda said the two artists even came to the show together."; featuring Lil Wayne, who was perhaps the hottest rapper of the moment, the song nonetheless stalled at number 106 on the Billboard 200.A couple other singles ("Body," "Sunset") also failed to garner significant airplay, and the planned November 2007 release of The Mirror was pushed back and then canceled.

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“And that night when I was doing that rap, I just did the whole thing in my Ja Rule voice,” Miranda said.

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